'From the Ground Up' Dinner featuring Gulf Shrimp Legend Jimmy Evans
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Wild Oats
2520 Airline Drive, Suite C-315

Farmers, ranchers, fishermen—these are our rock stars and the foundation of what we do. We've built restaurants based on the bounty they bring us (Underbelly) and continue to live by the philosophy of No Farm, No Food.

We launched this dinner series to celebrate our rock stars and introduce them to you. We want you to put a face to every ear of corn, shrimp, and ribeye we serve. We believe knowing where your food comes from is key to understanding the food chain, making your dining experience that much more impactful.

This month, we welcome Jimmy Evans. Jimmy has been providing us with locally caught shrimp since the early Underbelly days, and to this day, he makes a point to hand deliver it himself. It’s the best shrimp in the game, and without Jimmy, Gulf shrimp wouldn’t be what it is today.

Fun fact: Our private dining room at Wild Oats is inspired by Jimmy's living room! 

This dinner will celebrate all the seafood Jimmy brings us in a four-course meal—shrimp, crab, and much more! 

$75 per person. Alcohol to be purchased onsite.